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A photo of the best scar cream scar protocol kit creams and cleanser

Scar Cream Kit $300

Undergone or about to undergo surgery? Our patent pending five phase cream optimizes healing to help create less visible scarring.

A photo of the best scar cream scar protocol kit creams and cleanser

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Scar Protocol prevents and treats scarring from the moment it begins to form through to the first year of maturation. Countless patients have seen amazing results from Scar Protocol, like the pictures below.

An after photo of nose job scar protocol cream results
A before photo of nose job scar protocol cream results

Am I A Good Candidate?

You may be a Scar Protocol if you are going to have surgery or had surgery within the last 6 months. Scar Protocol can treat any surgical scar area including:


Used over an entire year, patent pending Scar Protocol is the only complete scar cream system. Each phase of Scar Protocol corresponds to a specific healing period. This is why Scar Protocol is most effective soon after receiving the scar. However, the ingredients contain multiple properties meant to smooth, fade, and prevent noticeable scarring.

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The Best scar healing System Ever created

Ideal for surgical Incisions and scars under 6 months

Scar Protocol is the best scar cream after surgery. Developed to treat healing surgical incisions, Scar Protocol can improve the look and feel of all incision scars. It works best for fresh incision scars (6 months or newer).

Formulated by a plastic surgeon, Scar Protocol is great for treating tummy tuck scars, breast lift scars, and facelift scars. However, our top scar cream can also treat and prevent other surgical scars such as C-section scars before or immediately after surgery. It is safe to use anywhere on the outside of the body.

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90-Day Guarantee

Scar Protocol is safe for all skin types and tones. It contains soothing ingredients to moisturize and nourish the skin while resurfacing the incision scar. This is unique to Scar Protocol and makes it one of the top incision scar systems available.

Scar Protocol offers a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our product and believe that you will be satisfied with Scar Protocol within 90 days. If you are not, you can return Scar Protocol within the 90-day window for a full refund with no questions asked.

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Proven Results

Out of all other scar creams, Scar Protocol has:

-The most before and afters of scars from across the body
-4 years of rigorous clinical testing that allowed for the formula to be refined and perfected
-All ingredients--with the exception of silicone--come from natural sources.

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What's in the box?

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Unlike incision scar treatments, we do not treat scars after they form. We begin treating the incision scar from when you receive your incision through to a year afterward to treat every stage of scar maturation.

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