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Facelift surgery is one of the most popular and common surgeries performed on patients over fifty. The procedure removes extra skin from the lower face and neck. This extra, sagging skin naturally develops as people age and will remain without surgical intervention. As with any surgery, scarring is expected. Surgeons who perform facelifts have become much better at creating and placing discreet incisions, but the final outcome of the scarring depends on many factors—many of which are outside of a patient’s control—but some of which a patient can control to promote better-looking scars.

Facelift scars are normally placed near the ear. They may be in front of the ear, behind it, or wrapped around the ear. Generally, surgeons aim to make the incisions as thin as possible—these types of incisions are known as fine-line scars—but inadequate healing or further injury can hinder the way fine-line scars heal. Thus, starting scar treatment early and following the regimen gives scars the best chance of healing discreetly.

What To Look For In Facelift Scar Cream

When considering the best scar cream for the face, it is important to understand how the face heals. Collagen production and blood supply drive healing and the evolution of a scar. The better the blood supply to the area, often the better healing. Collagen—a protein that helps build and maintain skin structure— helps to heal the scar helps to heal the scar from beginning to end. Therefore, the best scar removal cream for the face is one that will enhance or promote blood supply to the area and collagen production.

The natural healing process of a scar involves various changes in color and texture. A scar will usually look red or darker than skin tone at first—sometimes even combinations of black, blue, or purple if there is bruising present—but it should slowly fade closer to the patient’s natural skin color. This can take several weeks or months to occur. Next, immediately after surgery, the texture of the scar is likely to start out feeling rough and potentially uneven. Through the healing process, the texture should begin to smooth. Similarly, this can take weeks or months.

Some patients may be more susceptible to certain forms of scarring or characteristics. This is where customized scar treatment can help patients treat their scars in a way that makes sense for their bodies and needs. The best cream for scars on the face involves a customizable regimen to help patients promote ideal scarring.

Optimizing Facelift Scar Treatment

When tailoring the best scar cream for scars on the face, it is important to understand the patient’s individual scarring history and process. Additionally, many factors influence scar appearance such as skin tone, medical history, genetics, certain medical conditions, and physical ability. These are all important factors to consider when choosing the best scar removal cream for the face.

Instead of simply recommending a basic scar cream, allowing patients to make empowered decisions about how their scar treatment is handled is an approach few can take after facelift surgery. No one knows their body better than the patient. Thus, choosing the right scar regimen should include the patient’s input.

Recommended Facelift Scar Treatments

Scar Protocol is a five-phase scar cream regimen that is applied over one year. For facelift patients, the application can normally begin around two weeks post-op. While Scar Protocol often involves using each of the five phases for a specified amount of time, this can be altered to meet a patient’s needs, allergies, and response to the treatment. The below timeline is the typical Scar Protocol regimen, but the timeline and creams can be adjusted to match a patient’s needs.

Uniqueness and Advantages

There are several advantages to treating a surgical scar for one year and with a flexible and adaptable scar cream system. The best scar cream for the face involves treatment that matches a patient’s needs. For example, patients with certain medical conditions may heal slower than the average person which may extend the timeline in which they use Scar Protocol. Additionally, patients who experience particular scar roughness may continue using Phase III alongside other phases to promote softer feelings and looking scars.

Our scar experts help patients identify the best scar cream treatment. Jars of each phase (and the Phase I cleanser) are available for individual purchase as well.

Right Facelift Scar Cream for Your Needs

Scar Protocol comes with the Phase I through V scarf creams, the Phase I cleanser, and an instructional card. The product also comes with a 90-day guarantee. Purchase your Scar Protocol kit today.


Scar Protocol offers the entire treatment in a package, or you can buy the products individually. We offer a 90-day guarantee or your money back! You can transform your scars and eliminate their appearance for healthy, beautiful skin and results you can enjoy.

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