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Understanding Breast Augmentation Scars

When it comes to breast augmentation, there are multiple types of incisions you can get, some of which hide the scars. However, when the incisions are made underneath or around the breasts, the scars can become significant if not appropriately treated. Because the breast tissue is extremely sensitive, scar tissue can quickly build up around the incision sites and create other complications.

Scars form naturally over time, resulting from new skin forming where the incision was created. Scars have a specific pattern that gives them a formation of scarring. Scars begin with inflammation, slowly transition to new tissue creation, and end with remodeling. Because there is so much collagen and blood flow involved in healing scars, it’s essential to take care of the scars so they can heal correctly.

Tailored Solutions For Improved Scar Healing

The best way to approach scar healing is with a tailored, unique method that forms your specific needs and scar patterns. Everyone heals differently, and depending on the type of incision you receive, your scar pattern will look different. Scar treatment should take factors that influence your healing into consideration. These factors include:

  • Type of scar and location
  • The severity of the scar
  • Patient’s age, health, and prior medical history
  • Patient medication tolerance and reaction to creams
  • Patient’s goals and needs

Phase 1

Month 1

Phase 1 begins with intense moisturization and healing with two creams that include aloe vera and vitamin E. During the first phase, these creams will help deeply clean the scar, prepare it for healing, and minimize inflammation.

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Phase 2

Month 2-3

Phase 2 helps to strip away the build-up of dead skin or damaged tissue through a cream that contains potent ingredients like allantoin, glycerin, and aloe. It focuses on keeping the scar moisturized to promote healthy skin regeneration.

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Phase 3

Month 4-5

Phase 3 helps to smooth down any raised areas of the scar with a cream containing purified snail mucin. This snail mucin can help ease raised locations and create smooth, stunning skin while eliminating residual redness.

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Phase 4

Month 6-9

Phase 4 is another preparation stage that uses ingredients like coconut oil, tocopherol, and salix alba. This cream helps ensure the scar is ready for the final step of the treatment and the skin is healthy.

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Phase 5

Month 10-12

Once you reach phase 5, your scar may appear healed on the surface but still requires treatment for the deeper layers. Phase 5 includes a cream that contains retinol and vitamin A to heal the skin below the surface and provide a complete transformation.

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Scar Protocol


The best scar treatment after breast surgery should begin after the incisions have had adequate time to heal. It’s best to use the Scar Protocol under your provider’s advisement, but the general rule of thumb is to wait six to twelve weeks after surgery. The entire process takes a year but is well worth the results. It’s essential to adhere to the application guidelines and the drying process of each phase.

Benefits Of

Scar Protocol

Scar Protocol offers unique benefits that have many people raving about the incredible transformation it has on scars. Scar Protocol is an excellent treatment as a breast lift scar cream or breast augmentation scar cream. It provides benefits such as:

  • Protection from sun exposure
  • Constant hydration
  • Water-resistant formula 
  • Makeup friendly
  • Creates healthy, unnoticeable scars


Scar Protocol offers the entire treatment in a package, or you can buy the products individually. We offer a 90-day guarantee or your money back! You can transform your scars and eliminate their appearance for healthy, beautiful skin and results you can enjoy.

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