Frequently Asked Questions

Scar Protocol is revolutionizing scar cream treatments because it works proactively to prevent the formation of scars and treat existing scars. Because Scar Protocol is the most effective scar cream and a complete year long cream, we often get questions about Scar Protocol. Below we have culminated some of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I Use It For Non-Surgical Scars?
Can Scar Protocol Treat Hypertrophic Or Keloid Scars?
Do I Need A Prescription?
Does It Work For All Size Scars?
Does It Work For Burn Scars?
Does It Work For Scars Older Than Six Months?
How Much Is It?
How Much Is It?
Is A Scar Consultation Required?
Is It Safe For All Skin Types And Tones?
Is It Safe?
Is It Tested On Animals?
Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
Where Do You Ship?
Why A “Protocol”?
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